The Alberta Chambers of Commerce's 2019 Election Platform 
What is it?

As Albertans look towards the coming election, the ACC has developed Vote Prosperity: a platform for the 2019 provincial election campaign.


This platform is designed to provide voters an outline of priorities that will enable us to leverage Alberta’s economic advantages and strengthen our global competitiveness.

Businesses are the backbone of Alberta’s economy and the foundation for healthy and vibrant communities. To ensure the next provincial election addresses the most important issues for businesses to thrive, Vote Prosperity is a reflection of the four fundamental pillars of a stronger Alberta:

  • Implement “layered cost” assessment on all policies

  • Provide a reasonable time to consult and implement new policies

  • Minimize risks to the economy while reducing GHG emissions

  • Protect the interests of both employers and workers

  • Reduce barriers to interprovincial trade, procurement and labour mobility

  • Diversify and expand tidewater access for Alberta energy 

  • Increase export capacity with trade-corridor investments 

  • Use more Public-Private partnerships for infrastructure projects

  • Ensure K-12 education connects learning to real world skills and endeavours

  • Reform healthcare to reduce costs and improve outcomes

  • Develop a new predictable and sustainable funding formula for municipalities

  • Encourage regional infrastructure planning focused on economic impacts

  • Balance the budget 

  • Eliminate operational spending growth

  • Conduct a full service-level review and publicly report outcomes

  • Consult broadly on all options to stabilize government revenues


The issues outlined in Vote Prosperity will have real impacts on real Albertans.


Learn why Albertans are going to Vote Prosperity in 2019.

I've tried my very best to absorb some of those costs but as we move forward I don't know what else we're going to do. I don't want to pass it on to them [my customers] because they deserve the right to come in and have an affordable night out and enjoy themselves.

Unlike private enterprise, governments have the ability to tax and borrow pretty much at will. But debt doesn’t go away on its own; eventually the piper has to be paid

MicroSociety teaches about our economy, how it functions, and about financial literacy. But it also teaches life skills where the students are taught how to work, lead employees and even become entrepreneurs who start their own businesses. 


We’ve talked for years about skills initiatives to prepare young people for their first or second jobs, how to be engaged voters, and this program is a great tool for building healthy communities.

Stay up-to-date with the campaign, and help us build a better Alberta.

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