As Albertans look towards the coming election, the ACC has developed Vote Prosperity: a platform for the 2019 provincial election campaign. It draws upon the ACC’s grassroots-driven policy book and feedback received from our chamber members. This product is designed to provide voters an outline of priorities that will enable us to leverage Alberta’s economic advantages and strengthen our global competitiveness.

Alberta is a great place to live and work, but the foundations of our prosperity are being eroded. From constrained exports to rapidly increasing provincial debt, we have identified the urgent factors limiting business growth in the province. Most importantly, we face the reality that the cost of doing business in Alberta is high relative to our competitor jurisdictions, due in no small part to government policies such as a carbon levy, onerous labour law reforms, and a burdensome regulatory environment.

Businesses are the backbone of Alberta’s economy and the foundation for healthy and vibrant communities. To ensure the next provincial election addresses the most important issues for businesses to thrive, Vote Prosperity is a reflection of the four fundamental pillars of a stronger Alberta: 

  • Strengthening Business Competitiveness

  • Growing Provincial Trade

  • Building Healthy Communities

  • Improving Government Accountability

Within these four pillars, we have identified 17 priority policy recommendations to bolster Alberta’s long-term economic outcomes and position us for tomorrow’s opportunities.

  1. Reduce the regulatory cost burden and uncertainty for business.
  2. Implement “layered cost” economic impact assessments as part of the policy development process.
  3. Provide reasonable time for consultation before implementing new policies, with appropriate timeframes for businesses to adjust.
  4. Regardless of public policy approach chosen, mitigate and minimize risks to business competitiveness while reducing Alberta’s greenhouse gas emissions.
  5. Ensure the Workers Compensation Board and the Labour Relations Board protect the interests of both employers and employees.
  1. Establish a firm plan to achieve a balanced budget
  2. Eliminate operational spending growth until the budget is balanced.
  3. Immediately launch a full program and service review with external stakeholder input and report the results publicly.
  4. Consult broadly with external stakeholders on the best way to stabilize government revenues and expenditures, including an assessment of all revenue options and tools.
  1. Support implementation of the MicroSociety program in K-8 schools and continue to expand funding for Dual Credit programs.
  2. Implement the recommendations of the Auditor General’s 2017 report on Alberta Health Services.
  3. Develop a new, predictable, and sustainable funding formula for municipalities to support effective capital planning and fiscal management.
  4. Prioritize transportation and infrastructure projects that are regional in scope and have the greatest economic impacts.
  1. Consider all measures to hold provinces and the Government of Canada to their commitments under the  Canadian Free Trade and New West Partnership Trade Agreements.
  2. Facilitate private development of trade infrastructure that moves Alberta’s energy resources and products to new and diverse markets.
  3. Invest in trade corridors to increase interprovincial and international exports.
  4. Increase the use of public-private partnerships in provincial infrastructure projects and support greater use of these models by municipalities.

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